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Full-Sized Shows

for 30 to 200

These 45-minute shows (with Q and A) involve both Ingrid and Ole as performers. The sets are elaborate and require about one hour to set up and strike. We gladly give a question and answer session after every performance.

Cost: $450

Two shows back-to-back: $600

Three shows back-to-back: $700

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Anansi and the
Talking Melon

Join Elephant, Warthog and Ostrich on their jolly adventure to the Monkey King as they seek help for their tricky friend, Anansi. A folk tale for all ages!

Ages 2 to 12. Duration: 30 minutes, plus Q+A

West African Folktales originate from the Asante people of Ghana and have orally been passed down over generations, featuring the revered character of the Akan God of stories, wisdom and knowledge who often takes the shape of a spider.  Anansi is associated with skill and wisdom and often triumphs over foes larger than himself.  This light-hearted example is adapted for marionette puppet theater.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Duration 40 minutes

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! Join young Jack as he climbs an enormous beanstalk to a castle in the sky.  Discover a hen that lays golden eggs, a gilded harp that sings by itself, and a giant with a  hearty appetite. Don’t miss this classic English folktale, brought to life with beautifully  hand-crafted puppets and sets, along with heart-warming music. For all ages.

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The Hollow Stump

Seven very different animals seek shelter from the winter cold and snow in a large hollow stump. The cuddly, hand-crafted rod-puppets will enchant any child as the characteristics of each animal are revealed through a unique and descriptive poem and song.  When the animals let newcomers enter and the space inside the stump grows tighter, these songs interweave.  Adapted from the popular tale, The Mitten, this tale celebrates community, as the animals learn to share one space.

Ages 3 to 9 Duration: 35 minutes, plus Q + A session.

Relation to Curriculum: Earth science, seasons, daytime and nocturnal animals, poetry, folk tales, music, visual arts. Lessons on cooperation and sharing.

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The Giant Turnip

Our whimsical and humorous telling of this Ukrainian folk tale celebrates community and caring for the earth. An old man and his wife who, after lovingly preparing and tending their garden, grow a vegetable so large they can’t pull it up by themselves.  The story is told with hand-crafted rod-puppets, and much singing.  Shadow puppets reveal what happens under the ground, including a helpful and jolly root gnome.

Ages 3 to 12 Duration: 35 minutes, plus Q + A session.

Relation to Curriculum: Earth science, rain cycle, seasons, agriculture, folk tales, music, visual arts. Contains lessons on community building and caring for the earth.

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Rainbow Crow Brings Daylight

Crow has been revered by many cultures throughout the ages.  This adaptation weaves two Native-American creation tales from the Lenape and the Inuit tribes. Follow Crow on his journey to the Sky Spirit, as he saves the animals, and then travels to the Land of the Light. Features gorgeous sets, shadow puppets, rod puppets and marionettes and of course much singing.

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The Crystal Ball

Follow the young Prince on his journey to save his brothers who have been transformed into animals by an evil sorceress.  Bravely and against all expectations, he overcomes great challenges, including two giants and a fierce dragon, to save his brothers and win the princess. For our production we have adapted the Grimm brothers’ text, written songs and hand- crafted the puppets and sets from silk, wool, and wood. We guide the multi-cultural marionettes as well as narrate, sing and play instruments during the performance.

Duration: 35 minutes, plus Q + A session.

Relation to Curriculum: Literature, fairy tales, music, visual arts. Contains lessons on courage, love and perseverance.

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