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Beech Tree Puppets' Smaller Shows

These shows are meant for children ages 2-8 and for smaller groups. They also take less time to setup.

The Apple Tree landscape.JPG

The Apple Tree


Smaller Marionette Show for Ages 2-8 A woman lives in the countryside with her lively dog, her shy cat and her cuddly sheep.  She decides to plant an apple tree so she can make a pie for her Birthday. She is surprised by an unexpected little helper. Warm colors and beautiful singing bring special magic to this 30-min. show.

Relation to Curriculum: Life cycle of the tree, farm animals and plants, butterflies, change of night and day, music and visual arts. Contains themes of self- reliance, community and helping.


Butterfly Wonder


Meet Inchy the caterpillar, who has just popped out of his egg! He meets new friends, hides from the bird, and eats many leaves before spinning his cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Many songs and short dialogues introduce the flowers, animals (a hungry caterpillar in three sizes, a mouse, robin, a bee and of course the butterfly), and the change from daytime to the moon and stars of night. The treatment of metamorphosis of a little caterpillar into a butterfly is great material for early grades in natural science!

Butterfly Wonder is an apron lap show and VERY portable (Ingrid brings it in a basket). It is meant for classroom or living room performances. Audience size should be kept to forty and under because of the size of the stage and puppets.

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